Thursday, June 13, 2013

Want to see L.A. be GMO-free?

Want to protect homegrown vegetables?  Want to protect heirloom seeds?  Want to make giant strides toward a GMO-free local food supply?

We are gearing this post toward LA City residents and voters, but these pointers can be your guide no matter where you live.

1) Call your LA City Councilmember and tell him/her that you want legislation to make LA a GMO-Free Zone.  It's not hard: here's how to do it.

2) Sign our petition!  Click here for the petition site

3.) Mark your calendar and come party with Seed Freedom LA at our Launch Party! We will have a political action kiosk where you can immediately call your elected official to demand a GMO-Free Zone in LA. Check the event Facebook page for updates.

3) Tell all your friends, spread this message, and get everyone talking about GMOs and making your town a GMO-Free Zone!

4. 'Like' our Facebook page and stay in touch with our action! SeedFreedomLA on Facebook.

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