Seed Freedom LA is a coalition of Los Angeles area seed and food garden activists. It was brought together by Vandana Shiva in October 2012.

Some of our early goals include: 

  • creating "GMO-free zone" signage that local gardens and gardeners can use 
  • increasing awareness of safe seed in the greater Los Angeles area 
  • creating "seed sanctuaries" within our city -- gardens where safe seed is cultivated and collected  ... register your garden! 
  • helping Vandana Shiva to create an animated film about food and seed 
  • getting Los Angeles City and County declared as GMO-free zones

1. Create seed banks and libraries in school and community gardens.

2. Make LA County a GMO free zone, regardless of Prop 37 results - reach out to County Supervisors to get this passed.

3. Create uniform GMO free zone signage to put in gardens everywhere.

4. Create a Facebook page/group page to concentrate efforts of the LA area food growers, food activists, clean food advocates, the public, etc.  https://www.facebook.com/SeedFreedomLA

5. Reach out and connect to other allies to bring them into these initiatives

6. Create exchange program between LA teachers/students and Navdanya in India - to participate in Navdanya's A-Z program in India.

7. Gather/create a book collection on seed freedom, organic foods and gardening - make this available at public libraries and other central locations.
Downloadable Navdanya publications: http://www.navdanya.org/publications

8. Broaden the range of biodiverse practices we engage in as individuals, in our advocacy and in our gardens - for example, integrating Fibers of Freedom (http://fibres-of-freedom.com/)

9. Create a film on the Story of Food (to expose what has happened to our food from a broader picture and historical perspective)

Who are we? 

Seed Freedom LA is a project of

  • Friends of Navdanya, the U.S. 501(c)(3) of Vandana Shiva, international food and seed activist
  • Seed Library of Los Angeles 
  • Environmental Change-Makers 
  • Enrich LA
  • Watts Labor Community Action Committee
  • Institute of Urban Ecology
  • "GMO O.M.G." film producers
  • Local Blu
  • and many more ...

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