Friday, June 7, 2013

How to contact L.A. City Hall

Let your voice be heard!  
Here’s how to tell politicians that you care:
1. Know your representatives. You can use our phone list here.  Or go to the City's website and put your address into the“Neighborhood Resources” field. You will get links to their websites, which have contact info including phone numbers and email addresses.

2. Prepare your message. In order to have your call counted/logged, you must provide your full name, address (for district verification), phone number (in case of followup), and reason for calling (name of the issue + your thoughts, stated briefly and concisely).

Sample message:

“My name is Jasmine Green and I want to see a “GMO-Free Zone” in Los Angeles!  I live at 6700 West 83rd Street, Los Angeles 90045, and my phone number is 310-670-4777. I want a city that is free of GMOs, which are unproven to be safe for human or environmental health. The ban on GMOs will protect homegrown food, home gardens, school gardens, community gardens, and heirloom seeds grown in Los Angeles.  I urge you to vote “yes” when the “GMO-Free Zone” comes up for a vote. ”
3. Call or email!

- Call: Whether you get a live person or a machine, leave the same information. 
- Email: If you prefer, you can send an email.  Most representatives’ websites have a contact form, but in order to be counted/logged you do need to let them know where you live so that they know you are an LA voter.

4. Tell your friends!

Ask your friends to call, especially your friends who live within the City of Los Angeles.  Spread this message on social media.  You can circulate this simple how-to as well (pdf)
Thank you for taking action and joining the movement 
for a GMO-Free Zone in LA!

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