Sunday, September 21, 2014

GMOs banned in Wildlife Refuges

In the U.S., we treat wildlife better than we're treating our own children.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is eliminating GMOs in Wildlife Refuges across the nation.

In upholding their duty to protect wildlife, the U.S. Fish and Wildife Service is sufficiently concerned with genetically modified crops that it feels called to quit feeding them to wildlife.

They will "no longer use genetically modified crops to meet wildlife managment objectives System-wide."

Similarly for habitat restoration, USFWS is taking a precautionary principle, and not planting genetically modified crops on refuge land.  (cite: U.S. Dept of the Interior Memorandum July 17, 2014)

In the same way, we should be able to protect our children!  We should be able to quit feeding genetically modified crops to our children (but we can't, because biotech firms poured huge financial opposition into stopping the labeling initiatives).

We should be able to block the planting of genetically modified plants on lands within our cities.  Let's start now:

Make Los Angeles be GMO-Free!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Toxic lawns

If you thought a "GMO-Free Zone" in Los Angeles wasn't too important because there aren't a lot of farmers inside the City, think again.

Scotts and Monsanto are getting ready to surround you with genetic modification: genetically engineered lawn grass.

 Yep, you read that right. Learn more about toxic lawns here.

And meanwhile, please support our efforts to create a "GMO-Free Zone" in Los Angeles where genetically engineered seeds and plants cannot be grown.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Show your support

Will your company or nonprofit organization support the GMO-Free Zone?  Show your support, by sending a letter to L.A. City Council.

Here's a sample letter (in Word doc format) that you can use or alter.  Page 2 of the doc file has instructions on what to do.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

What's happening?

The campaign to make L.A. a GMO-free Zone is getting lively again!

Last October, Councilmembers Koretz and O’Farrell introduced a Motion to Los Angeles City Council. The motion would make the City of Los Angeles a 502sq mile GMO-Free Zone with regards to plants and seeds which are grown or sold here.

After the Motion was introduced, it was referred to committee for study.

This September, we are going to bring it out of committee and have it voted on by the full City Council. That means we need to let city council know that WE WANT A GMO-FREE ZONE in the City of Los Angeles.

Here’s how you can help.

1) Get petition signatures. Download the petition (pdf) to ask L.A. City Council to make L.A. a GMO-free Zone. Ask your friends, neighbors, co-workers to sign. (petition and instructions) Do you have some time to volunteer? We need signature-gathering help at farmers’ markets and community gardens, particularly in Council districts that are not in West LA.

2) Call your Council Member. Let him or her know that you want a GMO-free Zone in Los Angeles. Here’s a caller script (pdf) which helps with what to say.

3) Talk it up. Spead the word on Facebook and other social media and through your network of friends. Help others understand why confining GMOs is critical to the security of our future food supply.

Thank you for everything you are doing to help us keep GMO out of our gardens, open spaces and ultimately our food.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Have you signed the Petition yet?

The campaign to create a GMO-Free Zone in Los Angeles is getting lively again!

The motion to create a GMO-Free Zone is "in committee" at L.A. City Council, and we aim to bring it out, before the full City Council -- hopefully before summer is out!

To make things happen, we need to prove to L.A City Council how much we CARE about this issue.  Please download a copy of the petition.  Sign it, get your friends and family to sign.  Take it to work, take it to the beach, take it wherever you go.  Tell people how important this is.  Get people to sign.

Return signed petitions to SeedFreedomLA so we can tally and package them.  We're trying to get a batch together by August 1, with another batch by August 15.  So send 'em in as you get 'em done!

"Live" signatures count much more in City Council's eyes than online eletronic ones.  That's why we are doing things via pdf and pen and paper.  Please help circulate the petition!

FAQ's about the GMO-Free Zone in L.A.

  • If you want to be contacted so you can join the forces in Downtown LA when we go before L.A. City Council, join the SeedFreedomLA mailing list.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

FAQs about the GMO-free Zone in Los Angeles

1.   What does this initiative accomplish?  The initiative to create a GMO-Free Zone in Los Angeles protects home gardens, school gardens, community gardens and homegrown food.  This initiative prohibits the growing or selling of genetically modified seeds or plants within the City of Los Angeles.  Immediately, this initiative creates an area of 502+ square miles (the City footprint) where it is safe to save heirloom vegetable seeds without threat of contamination from GMOs.  In a bigger picture, the initiative joins and supports the growing national and international movement to limit the spread of GMOs.  Locally, the initiative creates the potential for an economic enterprise zone where urban CSAs and artisan food producers can promote their products as “GMO-Free.”

2.       Is this a labeling initiative?  No.  The labeling of GMOs within a single city would be very difficult to achieve or enforce.  Meanwhile, there are other groups which are working on labeling initiatives at the California state level.  This initiative focuses on a different facet of the problem: seeds and plants.

Vote with your buying dollar

Who paid (BIG time) to defeat GMO Labeling?

Know the vendors whose so-called "natural" products are only a front for big agriculture and corporate control, and boycott them.  Use your buying choices to hit 'em where it hurts.  Spread the word far and wide.

Boycott: Odwalla, Kashi, Gardenburger, Naked, Silk, Cascadian Farm organic, Horizon organic.

Buy instead:  Lundberg, Nature's Path, Cliff, Earth Balance, Udi's, Eden, Pacific, and more.

See full infographic at