Friday, June 7, 2013

Our visit to City Hall

In mid-May, members of the SeedFreedomLA coalition went downtown to meet with people at City Hall.  We are asking L.A. City Council to declare Los Angeles a "GMO-Free Zone" for seeds and gardens.

In this important first step, we can achieve:

  • sending a huge message to Monsanto et al that WE DON'T WANT GMOs!
  • making homegrown, or locally-grown food be GMO-free;
  • creating a potential business opportunity for local food producers;
  • creating a large geographical Safe Zone where heirloom seeds can be saved without fear of GMO tainting;
  • that also helps toward creating a safer zone for bees and pollinators;
  • raising citizen awareness of GMOs;
  • raising local awareness of what are healthy foods, the benefits of homegrown food, etc.
  • creating an example for other cities to follow;
  • expanding the list of places where GMOs are not welcome.

To get action from City Council, they need to know that people want this to happen.  So ... now is the time to tell them what you think!

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