Monday, September 22, 2014

Lack of Long-Term studies of GMOs

Who has done long-term studies on whether GMOs are healthy?  Due to biotech industry constraints and prohibitions, we have only three independent long-term health studies to date.

And all three studies uncovered serious questions about whether GMOs are healthy for us to consume long-term.

Former biotech scientist turned skeptic Belinda Martineau, PhD writes:

"Unfortunately, all three of these studies that suggested there could be adverse effects associated with the GE crops under investigation were attacked by scientists utilizing genetic engineering themselves and, worse, follow-up studies have not been carried out.
"As I’ve pointed out recently on my blog, the proper scientific response to these papers is follow-up science but I’ve contacted Monsanto scientists about Séralini’s data, for example, and I’ve been informed that they have no plans to carry out any long-term (chronic) studies of the GE corn, NK603, in question."
source, together with links to studies
The problems are:  (1) long-term health impacts haven't been studied, (2) the industry producing  GMOs is blocking independent science, (3) those few independent studies which have been completed show seriously scary stuff, (4) the industry producing GMOs is basically blowing off any need to pursue this further, (5) there are no government reviews or regulations of GMOs, (6) the industry producing GMOs used legal loopholes to bypass any government review.

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  1. Truly alarming. Thank you for doing your part to preserve our seed heritage and get the word out about the dangers of GMOs