Sunday, September 21, 2014

GMOs banned in Wildlife Refuges

In the U.S., we treat wildlife better than we're treating our own children.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is eliminating GMOs in Wildlife Refuges across the nation.

In upholding their duty to protect wildlife, the U.S. Fish and Wildife Service is sufficiently concerned with genetically modified crops that it feels called to quit feeding them to wildlife.

They will "no longer use genetically modified crops to meet wildlife managment objectives System-wide."

Similarly for habitat restoration, USFWS is taking a precautionary principle, and not planting genetically modified crops on refuge land.  (cite: U.S. Dept of the Interior Memorandum July 17, 2014)

In the same way, we should be able to protect our children!  We should be able to quit feeding genetically modified crops to our children (but we can't, because biotech firms poured huge financial opposition into stopping the labeling initiatives).

We should be able to block the planting of genetically modified plants on lands within our cities.  Let's start now:

Make Los Angeles be GMO-Free!

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