Thursday, October 17, 2013

GMO Action Alert: TOMORROW

Councilman Paul Koretz and Councilman Mike Bonin will hold a press conference tomorrow morning at City Hall to announce that they will introduce a motion to make the City of Los Angeles a GMO-Free Zone.  Come join us and make a big crowd for the news cameras!

When:  Friday October 18.  Gather 8:45-9:00a.m.  Move into location 9:00a.m.  Press conference begins 9:15 a.m.

Where:  Gather at the Rotunda, Los Angeles City Hall, 200 N. Spring Street, LA 90012.  Allow 20+ minutes to park and make your way into the building.

Bring:  Signs -- preferably homemade -- that say things like "GMO-Free LA" ; "We want GMO-Free" ; "No GMO" ; "Monsanto lied to us" ; "Say No to GMOs" ; "Get GMOs out of LA" ; "Don't engineer my food" ; "No GMOs in my garden"  (note that this is a law about what can be grown here, thus old Prop37 slogans about labeling and right-to-know don't fit the theme very well)

What:  The law will be a zoning ordinance.  It will say that no GMO seeds or plants can be grown in the City of Los Angeles.  That protects home gardens, school gardens, community gardens, and homegrown food.  It instantly provides 502.7 square miles where heirloom seeds can safely be saved without contamination.  It potentially creates an economic enterprise zone where local growers and urban CSAs can say "We grow GMO-Free!"

The process of making a law is that the Councilmen introduce a motion, then it is sent to committee for about two months, then it returns for a Council vote.  Tomorrow is the "introduce a motion" part.  Our effort is timed to give a huge boost to the energy in the tate of Washington where Monsanto and pals have been pouring in huge money to pound the labeling initiative with false propaganda (just like they did to Prop37 here last year).  We want to make LA's GMO-free Zone be front page news in Washington State, to tell the people of Washington:  "We support you!"

What you can do:

1) show up at the press conference so we have a big crowd for any news cameras

2) help research TODAY.  Pick two news outlets from this list.  Look them up online and find a reporter's email address where we can send Washington State press releases.  Help us make a database by entering the information you find into the input form here.

3)  Petitions:  help get signatures for "round 2" of petitions to L.A. City Council.  Full information is here.  Try to get signatures from non-West-L.A. areas.  Duedate is December 15.  If you are available to go to farmers markets and community gardens, please email SeedFreedomLA

4) Tell a friend aobu the L.A. motion, and talk it up on social media.  Help build a buzz.

Themes:  We can't stop GMOs nationally, so we'll take action locally.  Washington State, we support you.  Monsanto lied to us in Prop37 campaign, but we discovered the truth and WE DON'T WANT GMOs IN OUR CITY!



  2. Did anyone notice that Los Angeles really does not grow any of the crops that are or will ever likely be GMO? Also, if your heirloom seeds get contaminated it will probably be from the neighbor's different heirloom variety. This whole thing is absurd

    1. We don't, but we want to protect that, from what I understand.

  3. Tell me more about your idea of freedom.

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