Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What happened?

LA City Council chose not to vote on GMO-Free LA today. Here is what happened:
  • Three highly-paid lobbyists representing the pesticide industry influenced a number of the Councilmembers and stopped the bill from moving forward today. 
  • The bill has been kicked back to the Arts and Parks Committee, but is still alive.
  • Around 50-75 concerned citizens were at LA City Hall today. However, the item was pulled from the agenda and citizens were not allowed to speak before the Council even under general comments once the item was pulled.
While it is sad to think that months and years of effort invested by the People into GMO-Free LA did not today result in an ordinance, and while it is frustrating that a few paid lobbyists can thwart the efforts of hundreds of concerned citizens, there is still much to be hopeful and thankful for.

The enormous effort behind GMO-Free LA is almost unrivaled. There are at least 90 active organizers and there are countless more that have called and emailed LA City Council, spread word on social media, protested, sent endorsements, and planted seeds of hope and change. To date, more than 100 local businesses, small farmers, urban ag participants, Latino organizations, environmental organizations, health professionals, student organizations, and churches have endorsed the GMO-Free Zone.  Today we may not have a GMO-Free LA, but it is nonetheless a better place because of you.

Please do not be disheartened by today's result. Biotech did not win today. We have multiple Councilmembers on our team, and Councilmembers O'Farrell and Koretz battled to keep GMO-Free LA alive. Yes, it is back in committee. But all this means is that the next time it comes up to vote, it will be bullet-proof.

In the meantime...

Please watch and share this video letter to LA City Council made by Aura Vasquez, Vice President of the Wilshire-Koreatown Neighborhood Council, and Nisha Vida, GMO OMG associate producer:


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